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Richard in his punk days!
Richard gets Czech citizenship
Richard Savage in the studio


Voice over artist, musician, teacher, audio engineer, father, human.
Brit living in Czechia.
Loves chocolate & sci-fi, cats & coffee, hats & tech.

I'm a great believer in the human connection on an organic, dare I say analogue level, even if that is usually through a digital medium.

Musician and Sound Engineer

A love of analogue connection developed early as I cut my teeth as the frontman, guitarist, and co-songwriter of a pop-punk-ska band for most of my misspent youth, misspending a great deal of it in and around recording studios, as well as arts centres as a live sound and lighting engineer.


English Teacher

Then the spoken word skills came to the fore when I found my way into the wonderful world of English teaching in the Czech Republic, specialising in business English and the art of conversation. This, of course, led to proofreading and eventual translation.

Voice Over Artist

When video producers came in search of a voice for corporate narration, and educators came looking for talent for their e-learning materials, as well as tourist destinations upgrading their audio guides, interactive boards, and museum tours, I was able to provide exactly what they were after quickly and professionally. 

My all-in-one translation/proofreading/voice over service soon became a popular choice!

And when the pandemic hit in 2020 and all the studios closed, an already substantial setup for music was all that was needed to join the rest of the world in recording voice over from home.

Studio Engineer


The studio that has already been approved by the likes of Voquent and Bodalgo is always being improved and refined (sometimes I just can't leave things be!). The acoustically-treated booth is also connected for online meetings and live directed recording sessions via Google MeetZoom, etc., so it doesn't matter where in the world you are - location is no longer an issue in today's hyper-connected world!

Lightning Fast Turnaround Times

Working from home means that the studio is always available with turnaround times in the range of hours, rather than days. And you know I’m always going to be punctual, as well as chill and easy to work with, of course.


Richard as alter-ego singer Dick Savage
Richard the producer
Richard demonstrates his logo design
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